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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 21, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tele- band." he grew up in northern california and dropped out of high school to head to the middle east has refused to denounce radical ideology. >> sean: trace gallagher, thank you. we will never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled. >> laura: you have to say, i will always be raging for the truth. don't state your identity in the negative, you are truth teller. they rebrand? >> sean: you have to come month and attack me. i want to say one thing. there weren't a lot of us and this is true. every newsroom in america wrong for two plus years. every single one without exception. it took the talk show host that actually are members of the press and actually do let's see, news at times and investigative
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reporting. >> laura: do know what else? we actually listened to what the american people were saying on a radio shows for three hours a day, five days a week. we got that end tele- from people all across the country. you still get the intel >> sean: we did her own investigative work, we work with teams who do work, amazing. >> laura: is that really operating in good faith? honestly. >> sean: i'm operating in very good faith and i have only just begun. >> laura: i love it. great show. i'm laura ingraham, this must be 22. newt gingrich is here in a moment. i cannot wait to talk to him. the democrats, are they wrong to think that culture wars favor them? he will break down the democrats new impeachment obsession, lots of new legal news. we will unveil a new theory
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about what former fbi director james comey was trying to do when he breathed newly elected trump about that phony dossier. he knew it. peter schweitzer is going to tell us about the latest very troubling ties between the joe biden family and corrupt former actors. be sure to stay for this, j.j. walker is here to react to why celebrities are using late-night tv appearances as a form of resistance therapy. total meltdowns in tinseltown. democrats misread america, that is the focus. as they try to find their footing in this red-hot economy for 2020 democrats are resorting to hyperbole and endless and predictable personal attacks. their instinct is to demean, not
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debate. >> are we a nation that takes children from their parents at the border? we don't, but trump does! >> you agree that he is a racist? >> i do. >> we have a president who is a racist. who is a sexist, a religious bigot, but that is the truth. >> laura: no it's not the truth. this is all sound and fury signifying this. it's hard to see that any of this as moving the needle with independence or heaven forbid trump voters. in the absence of a compelling agenda the democrats are left to marinate in their own radicalis radicalism, how extreme have they become? they now believe the constitution allows for fully viable innocent babies, both preborn and born to be killed by the most gruesome measures.
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>> the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable. the event would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother. >> laura: to this day none of the 2020 democrats -- there are 23 of them, none of them have condemned that statement by the still sitting virginia governor. in fact, they all seem to be on board with what he said. of course they call it something else, they call it women's reproductive health or a choice. as if we are talking about picking out a handbag where a pair of earrings. the only ones who don't get a choice in this occasion are the baby and the father. ever. >> there is a well-funded attack, coordinated by right-wing extremists to deny
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women the right to control their own bodies and their own futures. >> i trust women to draw the line. >> governments should not be n the business of telling a woman what she should do with her own body. >> it should be repealed and we need to make sure that women regardless of their income level have a basic right to reproductive care. >> laura: lots of euphemisms. rather than appeal to middle-class america, they democrats are trying to out metal one another in the radical olympics and not just on the issue of abortion but on a lot of other cultural issues as well such as gender identification. we talked about that last week. this radical social agenda was originally developed and conceived in the academy and it was meant to up and the old order, the traditional family structure that has been at the core of every major civilization throughout history.
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this new world order, this new world view was then mainstreamed by the popular culture and eventually embraced by democrats and some republicans. it has now become a new politically correct orthodoxy. it's extremist and totally unyielding. on issues such as gender and abortion its inherence aren't vicious. if you dare disagree with their worldview they believe that you should lose your job and frankly be banished forever from the public square and i'm not exaggerating. it wasn't always this way. this was barack obama back in 2008. >> define marriage? >> i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, not for me as a christian -- [applause] for me as a question it's a sacred union. >> laura: and his book he
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revealed that barack obama was long when he said that, he was basically saying that to get elected and a lot of people involved, that is for sure. just like now we know that hillary clinton was lying when she said this. >> we can support a woman's right to choose that makes abortion safe, legal, and rare, and reduces the number of abortions. >> laura: what happened to the rare part? a million a year. at least now the democrats have amassed themselves, it's kind of liberating. the aphorisms about a woman's choice don't really work anymore, now that the legislator gave itself a standing ovation as they went far beyond the old language and legalized infanticide. much of the country is becoming more pro-life, he would never know it by him reading the newspapers, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. this has been the case for some
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time. democrats think that they knew alabama law that outlaws most abortions, they think it gives them a huge opening in 2020. they'd been looking for an opening. as usual they misread the country. alabama didn't pass the law to score political points, alabamians passed the law because they believe that they were saving the lives of innocent babies. for christians and others who believe abortions is the taking of an innocent life, no amount of vilification by hollywood, news media, alexandria ocasio-cortez, anybody will change their moral determinatio determination. trump by the way recognizes this and 2016. >> if you go with what hillary is saying in the ninth month you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby. you can say that that is okay and hillary can say that that is
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okay, but it's not okay with me. >> laura: and normal press settings democrats are rarely asked uncomfortable specifics on what it is, abortion. they are usually able to skate through with generalities that we have heard a thousand times before. trump i don't think let's his opponents glide by so easily. second, regarding those so-called experts who think the social issues will hurt republican prospects, i will remind you that many of the same experts have been saying the same things since roe v. wade was decided. remember, these are many of the same people who said trump would lose and 2016 for the same reason. >> has comments on abortion and vowed to select supreme court justices who will oppose roe v.
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wade. >> donald trump has no idea about women and women's health. >> laura: just one question. who is in the white house today? that is the angle. joining me now to react, newt gingrich, fox news contributor and host of the new podcast. you and i have been, running around washington for a long time watching these debates and so forth, why are the democrats continuing to have this blind spot on where many in the middle reside on issues such as the issue of life? >> i think the true faith of the left democratic party is now in full blossom, i think they get together in meetings and talk to each other and walk to fund-raisers with people who agreed with them and convince themselves for example as he pointed out if you had ever said
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to me ten years ago, we would be approving infanticide and as you point out, the new york legislation would be applauding and cheering that they pass the right to kill babies after they are born. this is grotesque. most americans don't agree with it. among the hard-core left on issue after issue after issue, they believe things that i think personally are crazy. i don't think the american people will endorse and i think it may set up a 1972 disaster where they end up so far on the left wing limb that people decide they can't vote for them. >> laura: going back to the equal rights amendment, she successfully led the effort to kill the era. i remember reading about how the democrats back then thought, we got them now. we will vanquish the republican
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party forever and what happened, ronald reagan was elected. they been heading the same drum for decades about the social issues, but they don't go away and the democrats just keep moving further and further to the left. >> i was in california over the weekend talking to people and the number of women who came up to me and said they are worried because they think their daughters are not going to be able to have a successful women's sports program because of the drive of the democrats to basically allow transgendered males to dominate women sports. i don't think people have realized what an assault of this is going to be on woman and on right to compete. that is the sort of thing, you will not get "vogue" magazine to print and you will knock at "the new york times" to print and that is what it takes a while. the country gradually recoils after the left-wing establishment has done all its could and i think you'll see
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that recoil on eight or ten issues this coming year. >> laura: you can picture him looking at his opponent and saying, you are a party passed legislation in the house that would compel girls and a locker room to welcome a biological male in the locker room while they're getting ready for their sports or leaving the locker room. that would be compelled by federal law. trump is never going to let that weasel out of this. you want boys to shower the same locker room as girls because that is what the legislation mandates. they will have to answer that question. >> in connecticut two transgendered males won he women's sports event. let's be clear about this, this
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is the most bizarre reversal of all the principles of the 50 year fight for women's rights. >> laura: where the feminists? >> a transgender male soccer team, it's crazy in terms of what does this do to women's rights to be able to compete and to be able to be involved in an environment where they have a reasonable chance to win? >> laura: they are so twisted in knots and radicalism i don't think they know how to unknot to themselves. by the way, this was the mayor pete buttigieg at the supreme court rally today on abortion. >> this is one more example of a moment where the majority of americans agree on something and there is a lot of extremism of the republican party that is forcing moderates to ask whether the republican party has left them behind. >> laura: extremists in the republican party? really?
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>> i don't know how to explain to the mayor that the overwhelming majority of americans, 81% are opposed to killing babies after they are born. the positions he is taking are very minority positions. i think again and again, the same conversation going on. you've left-wing democrats going to left-wing rallies to go and say left-wing things and then to compete, the next person has to be even more extreme. that is why you have $0.20 democrats running wildly to the left. >> laura: kirsten gillibrand is another individual who has been trying to regain or gain i should say at a traction in this very crowded field and a lot of people thought after the me too movement and harvey weinstein that she would emerge from the pack, but she is also struggling. she said this about the issue near and dear to your heart, the height amendment.
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>> we have a tenant in our constitution called separation of church and state and i do not believe that that is a valid argument. i think that amendment should be repealed. >> laura: tell the "the ingraham angle" audience heretical that is if you want to repeal that. >> that goes back to the 1970s and it's interested to make a simple statement, no americans should be forced to pay taxes to pay for an abortion. it's been consistent for 40 years and again, are they going to say, we have the right to kill a baby after its born, we have the right to charge the taxpayer while we are killing the baby. think about this stuff. a very radical position, bernie sanders said he didn't mind if they had sex selection
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abortions. if you permit that there will be far more females than males and that is what he said he was willing to accept. they are caught in a downward spiral. not only on this issue but a whole range of issues where i think they will become harder and harder to defend. >> laura: we played the sound bite earlier demonstrating how far left the democrats have been. i think obama has always been there, but the party hasn't absent or whether it's on the question of gay marriage or the issue of abortion or gender bending. you have a sense that joe biden is not comfortable with any of this. he has to be like, my consultants are telling me i have to say that stuff but i still do go to mass on sunday. i stop to figure this out. >> as he pointed out when you show the segment of obama lying about his position on marriage, he was always a
7:18 pm
radical who understood he couldn't get elected so when the classic tradition he pretended to be moderate long enough to get elected. the thing to remember about joe biden and i have known him for a long time, he is so shallow that he won't notice most of this. he will think it's kind of confusing. he will drift along being joe biden. if he could get nominated it will be by being this nice pleasant doofus who doesn't know anything, that is what he is counting on is being the least disgusting person in the field. >> laura: the other issue we touched on last night was this move against the founders. this has been bubbling for some time, point out statutes and so forth. everyone feels better when you pulled on a robert e. lee statu statue. now of course as predicted moving against thomas jefferson,
7:19 pm
the author of the declaration of independence. buttigieg thinks he can rename that. why would you rename schools, boulevards, and ultimately take down the statues? >> one of the things i have concluded that these people are so radical we have to take them head-on. this is left-wing fascist totalitarianism. this is an effort to increase the memory of the united states. thomas jefferson as a fact. he wrote the declaration of independence and he created the democratic party ironically in terms of people who want to besmirch them. he was extraordinarily important in the development of america, but what you have as a group of left-wing democrats would like to erase all of our memories of america. they really dive deep want us to
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be like venezuela and it's remarkable and i think we have the conservative side have to be much tougher with taking them head-on. it's exactly like the taliban destroying the two buddhist statues that were historic worldwide monuments. pete is exactly like obama. he pretends to be a moderate until you listen to them and realize he is as radical as anybody else. >> laura: and extremist with a moderate exterior or a mild-mannered exterior. you are so great we didn't have time to get to the impeachment, but they're not going anywhere. thank you so much. fantastic segment as always. we will get get into the misdeed of the fired director james comey, with a focus tonight on his motive during his briefing of president trump on the debunked dossier.
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>> the effort after we got the steele dossier to see how much of it we could replicate. we did know whether they were true or false and we were trying to figure out what we could make
7:25 pm
of it. >> laura: a disgrace, former fbi director james comey is now changing his tune about that dossier that sparked the russian investigation. he told abc news he didn't think the document was credible and now he is shifting the blame to former intel chief john brennan and jim clapper for including it in the report that was given to president trump january of 2016 -- weeks before his inauguration. we have some questions tonight. specifically, did he know when he briefed a trump that the dossier was developed and paid for by hillary clinton? to the former fbi director told eastwood to be president that he doubted its accuracy? he really doubted its accuracy. he informed the president that the dossier was a basis for a fisa warrant? if they thought trump was truly a threat why even briefed him on any of the details at all? it strikes me that the only
7:26 pm
explanation is that comey was trying to scare trump in the briefing itself was part of a larger plan to get it leaked and take him down. here now, robert ray the former independent counsel and sol wisenberg, former deputy independent counsel. what is the most important outstanding question in your view about comey's role in this? >> he clearly was cagey with the president as you have suggested and that january 6th 2017 meeting with the president when he joined with the other intelligence chiefs, he stayed behind and briefed the president-elect with regard to what he decided he wanted to share with the president. it raises all kinds of questions about what the fbi director and
7:27 pm
his motives were going back to the 2016 campaign and i think by that point, meaning by january of 2017, it is clear because within 18 days he stands two fbi agents into the white house to interview michael flynn. he had already essentially chosen sides in this and was acting in what i think is at least the charitable interpretation, he was acting adversarial to the president-elect and soon to be president of the united states, meaning an essence that his position of the position of the fbi was that he was going to protect the american people from the duly elected president. that is a scary thing. i do think that is among the questions that the attorney general bill barr is
7:28 pm
going to be looking at from the standpoint of deciding whether or not any crimes were committed and dislike it, if not that whether their people remaining in the department or the fbi who could be subject to disciplinary action and most importantly, the president's words, a candidate never has to face this again. some real hard questions about how the fbi wandered off in the wilderness here without supervision from leadership at the department of justice spirit >> laura: there is a lot here to unpack. we now have on capitol hill, they're trying to pull in, the former medication director, hope hicks and on mcgann's chief of staff andy donaldson. we have nadler threatening
7:29 pm
contempt, holding him in contempt and threatening other subpoenas beyond these two new subpoenas today. what gives here? is it because he will get closer and the attorney will get closer to the truth? >> that could be it. i think that nadler doesn't really know what to do. i think they have terribly misplayed their hand here. the fact is as i said last time i was on your show, these battles, these checks and balances have gone out through the history of the republic. there is nothing wrong with subpoenaing these people but nothing wrong with the president coming in if the circumstances are appropriate and saying, i'm going to invoke executive privilege. that is what it is all about. you need to learn to distinguish between totally improper subpoenas like you want to william barr and the subpoena to steven mnuchin. you might not like what they are
7:30 pm
trying to do, but in that case there is a statute that says congress can do this. the congress can go to the irs and say give us a tax return. you have to tell me, if you are talking to me about something, what is the thing you are subpoenaing a person for, what you trying to do? it doesn't lend itself easily to gross generalizations. >> laura: hope hicks, the current chief communication officer for the fox corporation and by the way conservative watchdog group, they are now suing the doj for any copies of a chart that apparently they had compiled, they had been drawn up that shows statutes that secretary of state hillary clinton could have violated for that unauthorized use of the private email server. that chart apparently was disseminated within the fbi and
7:31 pm
excluded in a or just gross negligence, the reason for no prosecution stated by comey in the summer of 2016. is that significant? why is judicial watch going after that chart? >> as former attorney general mike bouquets he pointed out, that was the centerpiece of the inquiry relative to the former secretary of state meaning that if there was an avenue for prosecution that was it and it was on the gross negligence standard. ultimately what happened here is as we all recall the attorney general was actually was conflicted and stepped aside in favor of the fbi director to make a call and also that includes the deputy attorney general so do they wanted their job. it was left to jim comey to step in and resolve this and of course that he made a mess of
7:32 pm
things by essentially acting like a prosecutor even though he was an investigator and the fbi director. ultimately that became grounds through rod rosenstein for the president to fire him. i don't know. the whole thing is a colossal mass and it doesn't surprise me that the fbi would have a chart that would leave off the one place that you would want to go which was to talk about the fact that there was insufficient evidence for gross negligence. fbi director decided decided not to prosecute. >> laura: it is all just reckless, reckless content. our next guest was the first investigator reporter to dig into the joe biden families ties. in a moment he will be here to discuss the latest revelation against a formeroh vice president's son. stay! there ic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults
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be investigated? the chinese government putting billions of dollars. >> it's a disgrace. >> laura: the president calling for an investigation between the financial connection between china and the biden family. tonight we are learning more about his overseas ties. 11 paragraphs in an article called "drums demands" they detailed that in addition to his ukraine connection his son also advised a romanian businessman who eventually was convicted and imprisoned for corruption. he even vouched for him in front of congress. with me now is the president of the government accountability institute and the author of the book "secret empires." you have bent months ahead of "the new york times" and other publications on this issue. why has the joe biden family esd scrutiny on these ties for so
7:38 pm
long, especially when they are combing through every white russian, trump family member come every drink when they don't drink. >> it's a great question and it's a combination of things, but the bottom line is that the scrutiny has not been there. joe biden and hunter but i didn't to china in december of 201310 days after that trip hunter biden gets a billion-dollar deal with the chinese government, the media never covers it. in 2014 he strikes a deal with the ukrainians and it's covered a little bit. the parade goes on. we go from china to ukraine and now to romania where does businessman is brought up on corruption charges and convicted in his own country according to the remaining end media, hired hunter biden to lobby on his behalf into the united states in
7:39 pm
effect to get the united states government to call off the ukrainians from their prosecution and eventual imprisonment of this businessman. >> laura: was hunter biden even registered as a foreign lobbyist? >> no. he was not registered as a lobbyist. he was a lobbyist up until 2008 when his father ran for vice president. he represented online gambling companies. he took on this case and he did not register as a foreign agent that he did not register as a lobbyist period. >> laura: this reminds me of when hillary was secretary of state and on the clinton foundation started getting all these donations from foreign governments and then they all dried up when the presidential ambitions went up in flames. it's the same kind of deal
7:40 pm
except it's not for process. >> that's exactly right. the mystifying thing is that you and i both know and i think most americans know if the name here was don jr. and not hunter biden that the media would be all over this and it's surprising to me the lack of curiosity that a sitting vice president's song is striking three major deals with the chinese government while he is steering u.s. policy towards china. all of this stuff. if this was don jr. you know he would be sitting in front of congress and he should if he did that. hunter biden needs to do that. the senate needs to ask him to testify. >> laura: what are the democratic candidates asking with this? thank you so much. coming up, celebrities are now using late-night shows to whine about their new hatred, at their new hatred, their hatred for
7:41 pm
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♪ >> laura: late-night is a new therapy, who cares what you have to promote when you can come to promote your hatred of trump. last night on colbert, the actress revealed that reading the news has given her nightmares. so scary. >> i do not read the news at
7:45 pm
night. i was waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares. i was in a board room, there was a long table and it was just a guy in the oval office right now sitting there and i walked in and i was screaming, screaming. don't you care about the next -- i was screaming. that was in 2016 at i woke up and i sweat and i want to, oh, my god, have gone insane and i have to stop at night. >> laura: she is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have lost their mind overdrawn. joining me now is jamie j.j. walker, star of the iconic series. it's great to see you. this has to be bad acting on the part of these hollywood celebrities. they she so sensitive that even reading an article gives her
7:46 pm
trumpmares. >> she is a fine actress but she must realize that i'm a celebrity and i'm doing well. a lot of it has to do with the a trump economy and et cetera. people of the business have to realize they should use their celebrity as a positive thing rather than a negative thing. if you have a little complaint with the president come of all people. she has done a great job of working with prison reform. she didn't go into screaming at the president, attacking the office, she would end and presented some facts and actually has got people relieved of jail duty. it's the same thing that just happened with the boston red so red sox. he would not go to the white house, he is complaining about puerto rico. why not go to the white house and talk to the president? rather than attacking and
7:47 pm
putting down our government which has done great for joey cora. >> laura: trump is very approachable and he actually wants to get along with people and i know they don't think that. if they spent 5 minutes outside of their rage bubble and thought for a second about the power of persuasion, they are not persuading anybody except maybe their manager and p.r. director, their driver. >> unfortunately in hollywood you become a pariah if you say, trump is not a bad guy. if you say that people go, how horrible you are! these are people that are making very nice dough. >> laura: and tolerant. >> they are totally intolerant of anything trump does even when the facts come out. >> laura: they don't care about facts. this is another sound bite.
7:48 pm
ellen page a few months back. >> if you are in a position of power and you hate people and you want to cause suffering to them, you go through the trouble and you spend your career trying to cause suffering. what do you think is going to happen? kids are going to be abused and they're going to kill themselves and people are going to be beaten on the street. >> laura: that was following the jussie smollett hoax. >> that had nothing to do with donald trump and it had to do with jussie smollett and it's an embarrassing situation that the government has gone against us in terms of the local governmen government. i think we need to get ellen page is canadian, let's throw that in the hat. of all his people are doing very well under this government -- >> laura: we are out of time. go see his show if you are in the area because he is really funny.
7:49 pm
up next, hypocrisy at its finest
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7:52 pm
♪ >> laura: the house oversight chair eliza cummings, alleged illegal use of funds by a charity run by his wife according to an irs complaint filed by a watchdog group. for all the details we go to
7:53 pm
trace gallagher tonight. >> as chair of the house oversight committee, elijah cummings says he has a mandate to be a check on the administration for any possible corruption. "i'm not here to make headlines, i'm here to get people's problem solved." he is making headlines, conservative government watchdog group national policy center has filed a complaint with the irs looking into possible unethical behavior involving him and has 48-year-old wife who runs a nonprofit called "center for global policy solutions." the complaint says they appeared to operate as a single entity, in recent years the nonprofit has reportedly taken and millions of dollars in grants from companies like google, jpmorgan and credential which
7:54 pm
also have business interests before the house oversight committee. there is the robert johnson foundation by the men who established johnson & johnson which gave more than $5 million to both the consulting firm enter nonprofit. the report says in 2017 the foundation stopped supporting her groups and in recent months, he has been a vocal opponent of johnson & johnson targeting the company as part of the oversight committee probe of drug prices. now the nl pc says she won't let them look at her nonprofit financial records which is required by the irs. of course elijah cummings is on his own request for documents. >> what you think needs to be investigated? >> i think we need to look at the finances of the president. >> she calls this report a hit piece, "filled with faulty
7:55 pm
research, lies and innuendo to tarnish my personal reputation, professional work as well as that of my spouse." he calls the report a fabricated distraction from the important work being done on behalf of americans. nl pc says it appears he has some tax problems of his own. >> laura: thank you so much. nancy pelosi needs a history lesson. nights last bite, we will tell you why
7:56 pm
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♪ >> laura: it's time for the last bite. today the woman who is second in line for the presidency couldn't quite recall the name of the process by which we elect a president. >> is american people elected him president, not by the popular vote, but by the college in the electoral college. >> laura: i'm sure grandma
8:00 pm
mimi just had a long day, it happens to the best of us. what show is this? we had a great show. but don't forget, check out my podcast, subscribe there. also itunes. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here and i never forget shannon bream's name, shannon. >> shannon: jeanette, house democrats firing off a new round of subpoenas, but the white house is likely to say not going to happen. tonight democrat leaders are dealing with a party split over impeachment just hours ahead of the meeting with the entire house democratic caucus to come up with a strategy. another break in obama world. former attorney general loretta lynch versus fired fbi director james comey and it's all over the hillary clinton email investigation. later, why are obama administration officials briefing lawmakers on the showdown with iran? trump officials laid off


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